Prolong Ejaculation

Many men are desperate to know how to prolong sex. The type of lidocaine that is used in Promescent is specially formulated to be absorbed by your penile glans and the skin of your penis. VigRX Delay Spray uses a mild anesthetic called Benzocaine which helps men that can't last long enough in bed. Not all of them have the same active ingredient as the one tested here, and even if you just look at other lidocaine-based products, you'll see differences in how concentrated they are.

So you can see that 5-10 minutes is a pretty safe bet if you're using a lidocaine or benzocaine spray. DHgate is one of the largest online cheap sex delay spray for men wholesalers, we specialize in wholesale sex delay spray for men as well as online shopping for those looking to save money.

Premature ejaculation happens when a man climaxes before he or his partner would have wanted during sex. To reduce the sensitivity of the penis in advance of intercourse as a means of delaying ejaculation in cases of over-rapid or precipitant ejaculation. We collected data on experience of orgasm and ejaculatory latency time on all days that sexual activity occurred.

It also has that convenient metered pump that I love and is considered in the industry as one of the best delay sprays available. Women who are able to orgasm through intercourse (aka with penetration alone) can take up to 18 minutes It's important to mention that only 30 percent of women are able to orgasm this way (without clitoral stimulation).

The active ingredient, Lidocaine is a commonly used, over the counter desensitizing timing spray agent, deemed safe by the FDA for the purpose of delaying ejaculation and prolonging the time until climax. One of those results should really grab your attention; VigRX Plus is clinically proven to increase sexual and intercourse satisfaction by over 71%.

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